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at last!! A low-cost way to make your chimney better than new!!

What the Thermocrete system does for you

Until now there wasn't a satisfactory permanent solution to an unlined flue. You could install a metal liner and risk rust and corrosion. You could cut into the chimney and rebuild with an expensive ceramic liner. Both are messy and time-consuming.

Now the THERMOCRETE system obsoletes those flue problems and unsatisfactory solutions. Inside your existing chimney the THERMOCRETE system forms a round, acid-resistant liner formulated to THERMOCRETE specifications. With this THERMOCRETE liner your chimney is safer and stronger than new.

THERMOCRETE liner corrects the problems of an unlined or damaged flue. It seals cracks and leaks to end further deterioration. The compound forms an easy-to-clean flue that allows smoke to spiral out smoothly, without turbulence. And it insulates the chimney to help prevent condensation and reduce creosote build-up.

THERMOCRETE is fast. Lining your chimney takes about two days and is done from the outside of your house. No new construction is needed (unless your chimney is actually falling apart.)

And THERMOCRETE saves you money. Your chimney can be lined for about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of conventional rebuilding.

Tested and listed by Arnold Green Laboratories/ConAm to ANSI UL 103HT and ULC 629M as well as UL1777. Thermocrete Systems meet National and State codes and standards for safety and emissions.

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